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Sale conditions

1. About us

The Creative Oporto trademark is owned by Bizfuture Services Lda. (BFS), headquartered in Rua Altino Coelho nº650, 5º Andar Esquerdo, 4470-180, Maia, Portugal with the NIF 514 535 466, email, Tel.: +351 91 977 61 90.

Creative Oporto is a Creative Tourism platform that offers participants learning experiences and the opportunity to develop their creative potential through active participation in various activities (courses, classes, workshops, workshops, events, thematic pathways, etc.) below. referred to as experiments. Through an attractive, modern, interactive, transaction-enhancing and direct booking platform, we offer an incredible array of creative experiences and activities (fine arts, crafts, gastronomy, cosmetics, fashion, etc.) that give participants contact closer to local populations and cultures.

Creative Oporto is part of a new generation of tourism, an emerging way of doing quality tourism. We want participants to integrate unique and personalized experiences that meet local identity. Our goal is for them to feel the passion of our partners in what they do so as to “feel at home”!

2. How to make a reservation

The acquisition of the experience is made solely through this page (hereinafter referred to as the platform) and is the responsibility of BFS. For any questions, please contact us by email:

To make a reservation, registration in the private area of the platform is not required. Registering in the private area allows your personal data to be memorized as well as your history of experiences already made, making subsequent access to our platform easier.

To make a reservation, follow the steps below:
• In the description page of the chosen experience, click on the button “Check Availability”;
• Select the desired day and time from the calendar;
• Click on “Make Reservation”;
• Enter the requested data;
• Verify the full amount payable;
• Click on the “Make Payment” button;
• Enter the necessary data to make the payment.
After payment, you will receive an email confirming the booking with the voucher, which you must print and present to the partner responsible for conducting the experiment.

If you do not receive the confirmation email within 48h, please check your spam box or send us an email requesting resending:

In the event of a platform malfunction, for reasons not controlled by BFS, previously entered data may be deleted and you must restart the Experiment Reservation process.

3. Booking conditions

By acquiring the experience, the participant is solely responsible for the information provided at the time of purchase, and at the time of booking must be at least 16 years old.

BFS reserves the right to reject the reservation if incorrect information was provided during the experience acquisition process without any penalty to the participant.

BFS may terminate any account whenever the rules set forth herein are violated.

4. Pricing policy

• Prices indicated in the description of the experiment refer to the value per participant;
• The recommended minimum age to participate is set by the partner;
• There are experiences that accept companions, which do not pay;
• Children aged 6 years and under are considered companions.
Prices displayed on the platform are the sole responsibility of BFS. BFS may change prices without notice or reason needing justification. BFS is free to make promotions or create packages that include available experiences.

5. Payment conditions

Payment can be made via Visa Card, PayPal or bank transfer. By making the payment you expressly accept all the conditions described in the presentation of the experiment.

6. Cancellation policy

After payment, if you wish to cancel the experiment, please email to inform us of your intention.

Conditions in case of cancellation:
• 8 days prior to the experiment: 100% refund to the participant, with the exception of the expected fixed commission discounted by the payment processing entity (eg PayPal).
• Between 3 and 7 days before the experiment: 50% refund to the participant, except for the expected fixed commission discounted by the payment processor (eg PayPal).
• Up to 72 hours before the experiment: no refund.

7. Booking change conditions

The participant may, up to one week before the experiment, reschedule it for another day or time or for another type of experiment, provided it has a value equal to or higher than the one previously booked. The rescheduling request can be made by sending an email to, with the reservation code and is free of charge for the participant. If the new experiment is of a higher value, data will be provided to pay the difference.

8. Conditions of participation

The participant must be accompanied by the emailed voucher and present it to the partner to validate their participation.

It is the participant's sole responsibility to inform the partner responsible for conducting the experiment of the inability to consume any food or drink offered or prepared due to food intolerance to any of the ingredients.

If the participant engages in improper behavior that endangers him or her, other partners have the right to exclude him or her from the experiment. In this case, there is no place to return the money.

In the event of an unforeseen event, such as a significant delay (more than 15 minutes), the participant should contact the partner to inform of such a situation. It is up to the partner to decide whether to participate in the experiment. In case of impossibility, no refund of money can be requested.

9. Inherent Responsibilities

BFS is not responsible for any damage or loss of equipment or material during the experiment.

Partner is solely and exclusively responsible for ensuring the accuracy, security, suitability and legality of the experiment, including compliance with copyright and related rights rules.

BFS verifies, to the extent possible, the accuracy of the information provided by partners and participants but is not responsible if it has been incorrectly, intentionally or accidentally provided.

10. Children and youth minors

The participation of children or young people may be limited depending on the specifics of the experience. The partner defines the recommended age of participation. Children 6 years and under are considered escorts and do not pay.

An experience can only be booked for persons over 16 years old. The data provided, at the same time, are the sole responsibility of the person making the data. BFS is not responsible for the improper acquisition of experiences by minors.

11. Loss or loss of vouchers

The platform allows to keep the original version of all vouchers sold.

In case of loss or loss, the participant can request the resend by email to:

12. Experiment changes or cancellations

If the weather conditions are not conducive to the experiment or pose risks to the physical integrity of the persons involved, the partner may cancel it, with 24 hours notice. Under these conditions, the refund to the participant is 100%.

If the partner cancels the experience, for reasons related to unexpected or accidental circumstances, BFS will refund 100% of the payment.

13. Timezone

Experiment start time corresponds to Continental Portugal: GMT + 00: 00 Western European Standard Time.

14. Complaint

In the event of non-satisfaction or properly raised complaints arising from the experience, BFS undertakes to review it and provide a response to satisfy all parties.

The participant must notify us by email:, within two days after the experiment.

15. Alternative dispute resolution

Pursuant to Law No. 144/2015 of September 8, as amended, we inform you that the participant may use any of the entities duly indicated in the list provided by the Directorate General of Consumer at

You can also use the European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution platform: