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Take care of a horse - Family experience

If you're passionate about animals, enjoy your stay so you can interact with them.

Portugal is a country with an equestrian heritage. The Purebred Lusitano and Sorraia are two beautiful horse breeds of Portuguese origin. Embark on the experience of being able to meet and care for a horse of Portuguese breed or from another part of the world. For the little ones, we have ponies waiting for you!
All about this experience
Have a nice family time with sweet horses!

Come live, as a family, a unique, fun and educational experience with a horse. Deal directly with and interact with the horse, respecting its welfare and surrounding environment. Participate in the daily horse routines and enjoy a ride with you. Enjoy taking care of a loving horse!
Live this outdoor experience at the Pony Club arena. You do not need to have previous experience, just be in love with horses and have a great desire to interact with this docile animal that will melt your hearts. They are always accompanied by the monitor who will guide you through this experience.
Feel the energy that these animals transmit, relax and have fun as if they were children.


What time does it start
10am and 2pm

Days Available
Monday to Friday


Participant Limit
3 - 6 people

Price per person
22.50 €

Recommended age
From 6 years old

Spoken languages
Portuguese, Spanish, French and English

Maximum weight -90 kg.
Participant's weight conditions whether he can ride a pony or a horse.
Use of touch (head protector) required.
Accessible for people with reduced mobility.
What to take
Suitable and comfortable clothing and shoes.

To book:
Send an email: with the day that you want

Children (7 - 12 years old):
Check availability