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Learn how to make a francesinha

Learn how to create your own Francesinha which is one of Porto's ex-libris and considered one of the 10 best sandwiches in the world. To follow, we suggest you try our craft beers and participate in the manufacturing process. To finish, indulge in a Christmas pastry or chocolate candies made by you. Surprise your family and friends and make the recipe in your home!
All about this experience
Discover the secrets behind the recipe and marvel at a delicious meal.
Francesinha is the most famous sandwich and one of the typical dishes of the city of Porto, which you can not miss. It consists of derivatives of pork (ham, sausages, among others), steak (mostly veal), cheese, bread and egg. But the key to highlight an excellent Francesinha, undoubtedly is the sauce, made with meat and alcoholic beverages and whose recipe is hardly known by the restaurants that make them.
We are sure you will love your taste buds, so you have the opportunity to learn how to cook a little French step by step as well as how to make the sauce. For the sauce, we use a traditional recipe that has been in the family for tens of years. Joana will tell you the curious story behind its origin and why this denomination and in the end we will eat the warm French, accompanied by a drink to your taste.
This experience takes place in an exclusive room for participants at Joana's restaurant.


What time does it start
14:00 pm

Days Available
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Minimum Limit of Participants
1 person

Value per person

Recommended age
From 8 years old

Spoken languages

If you want to take notes, bring a notebook and pen.
If you have any food intolerance, inform Joana in advance.
Not accessible to people with reduced mobility or wheelchairs.
What's included?
Aprons, other materials and equipment needed.
Making home recipe available (by email).
Meal and drinks.
Children (7 - 12 years old):
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