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Craft beer & snacks

Learn how to create your own Francesinha which is one of Porto's ex-libris and considered one of the 10 best sandwiches in the world. To follow, we suggest you try our craft beers and participate in the manufacturing process. To finish, indulge in a Christmas pastry or chocolate candies made by you. Surprise your family and friends and make the recipe in your home!
All about this experience
Follow the production and taste craft beers while savoring a plate of Portuguese sausages and cheese.
The experience begins with a guided tour of the Brewery, with one of the enthusiastic collaborators sharing some of the secrets with you.
Know the origin of beer, discover the most interesting curiosities and learn the whole process of beer production, from grinding the grain to fermentation and packaging.
Experience the feel of an authentic factory environment. Here you can follow the whole process, from knowing and touching the malt to the final fermentation phase that takes place in 4 vats, with a capacity of 1000 liters each.
Taste completely fresh beers, straight from the fermentation vat, to which we will add an appetizing board of sausages and cheese with the best of what is done in Portugal.
For this, we have at your disposal tables located in the brewing space that provide a more unique interaction and interaction or weather permitting, we can go to the terrace in the courtyard of this amazing brewpub.


What time does it start
2:00 pm

Days Available
Tuesdays and Wednesdays


Participant Limit
2-15 people

Value per person

Recommended age
From 6 years old

Spoken languages
Portugueses, English and Spanish.

If you have food intolerances, inform your partner about the experiment.
Not accessible to people with reduced mobility.
Alcohol consumption is limited to people over 18 years.
What's included?
Factory Guided Tour. 
Tasting: 2 20cl craft beers: “Lager” and the other seasonal, peanuts and lupins, 1 mixed board containing a selection of ham, salpicão, chorizo and three different qualities of cheese.
Juice for children.
Children (7 - 12 years old):
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