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Bring clay to a potters wheel

We are a country with centuries of history and rich in flavors and knowledge that we intend to last in time and pass on to future generations. Come and meet our artisans who will accompany you while making the pieces you will take as a souvenir.
All about this experience
Learn how to transform clay using the Potter's Wheel, a technique with thousands of years!

With a long and illustrious tradition in the East, the potter's wheel is one of the prominent techniques of ceramic art. In this experience, get in touch with the basic techniques of this beautiful craft.

Experience and feel the charm and richness of working with a potter's wheel, giving your piece its own identity.
No prior experience is required. It is always accompanied and oriented as it gives life to the clay object.
Free your imagination and enjoy the opportunity to create art. Make your own memory and be a potter for a day!



Days Available
Monday and saturday at 10h
Wednesday and friday at 12h


Participant Limit
1-2 people

Value per person

Recommended age
From 10 years old

Spoken languages
Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Accessible for people with reduced mobility.
What's included?
Tools and materials: Clay, burning and transparent glazing.
Produced object, cakes, juices, port glass.
What's not included?
Colored glazes: The ceramic object produced needs to be baked in a proper oven. You may return 7 to 10 days later to pick it up, or it may be mailed to your home. In this case, you must pay the value of the shipment to Daniel: Portugal: 6 €, Foreign: 10 €.
Children (7 - 12 years old):
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